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Sea Tangle Therapies is run by:  Kayren Hall B.Sc (Hons), MAR, IIR

SeaTangle Therapies provides hand and foot reflexology treatments in your own home.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that helps to bring your body into balance and give you an increased feeling of well-being.  It can help you to make a positive step towards optimum health.  However, it should not be used instead of any medical treatment.  Reflexology is carried out either on the hands or on the feet, but it is beneficial to the whole body.

SeaTangle Therapies aims to provide all clients with a relaxing and positive experience.  All treatments are tailored to fit the client’s individual needs.  

Do contact me to discuss any aspect of reflexology  or to book an appointment


January 2016

From January 2016 SeaTangle Therapies will be providing reflexology in clients’ own homes, rather than here in Crail.  Hopefully that will make it easier to fit reflexology into your routine.  Do contact me if you would like a treatment!

Best wishes